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Below are the different areas of expertise in which we offer our services.


Proceedings before El Instituto Nacional de Tierras. Actions concerning the use, establishment of easements and other property rights for agricultural purposes. Actions concerning the right of permanence. Actions tending to the eviction of estates. Actions arising from the disruption or damage of agrarian property and judicial procedures of boundaries, and general advice in the field of agrarian rights.


1.- Assistance to clients facing prosecution for foreclosure to delay, solve or even reverse the same. Foreclosure is a specific legal process in which a lender attempts to recover he balance of a loan from a borrower who has stopped making payments to the lender by forcing the sale of the asset used as the collateral for the loan.

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2.- Claims against housing developments that have not delivered purchased pre-construction properties.

3.- Legal advice on the acquisition of properties in auction, both public (through judicial procedures) and private (banking institutions, etc.) in the state of Florida, USA.

4.- Disputes involving homeowners associations and condominiums. 

5.- Personal bankruptcies (“Chapter 7”) and business bankruptcies (“Chapter 11”).

6.- Establishment of various companies. Providing to the foreigner a combination of anonymity, limited legal responsibility, business presence in USA without residency, tax advantages and procedures for obtaining U.S. Citizenship.

7.- International legal consulting on the establishment of appropriate business structures and models, depending on the specific entity that’s most suitable to solve the customer’s needs.

8.- “Constitution of business such as:”a. – Florida Limited Liability Company, b. – Florida Corporation, c. – British Virgin Islands International Business Company, d. – Bahamas International Business Company. Consulting and provision of legal services related to the special needs of our clients, with flexibility in the aspect of prices, with the combination of limited initial fixed fees and the balance against results.

International Area

(USA/Panama Inmigration)

Procedures for VISAS. Offering the client an expeditious way to an eventual USA Citizenship or simply the facility to enter and leave the country for your business.

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Implementation of the following mechanism:

a.- Intra-Company Transferee “L” Visa, Facilitates the transference of employees between affiliated companies abroad and the United States, in order to obtain citizenship or merely to do international business.

b.- Investor “E” Visa, Allows an expeditious way to citizenship, based on a substantial inversion in a own business or a third party.

c.- Specialty Occupation “H1-B” Visa, Facilitates a way to citizenship, based on the education and/or specialized training in certain occupations.

d.- Procedures for citizenship in the Republic of Panama.

e.- Administrative procedures for the constitution of Stock Houses with the respective license emitted by the Comisión Nacional de Valores de la República de Panamá.

Administrative Law

Representing and advising clients in carrying out appeals for reconsideration, hierarchical and administrative contentious, as well as precautionary measures accompanying applications for annulment, constitutional actions for amparo and the exercise of measures in relation to the administrative acts of the organs of central or municipal administration that affect the activity of the company. Advice for the establishment of development banks.

Cyber Law

Advice and protection of new technologies, electronic evidence and legal telematics. Intellectual property, themes related to the Ley Oránica de Ciencia y Tecnológia, projects for the public financing of technological innovations and advice on this process and online consulting.

Civil Law

Writing of all types of contracts, establishment of injunctions and possessory actions (actio publiciana), claims of property, hereditary partitions, susesorales procedures and aspects enshrined in civil law, in contractual and non-contractual responsibilities, restructuration of personal assets, and general consulting in civil matters both of goods and family.

Constitutional Law

We possess ample experience in the interposition and following of actions and resources for constitutional amparo, as well as in consulting regarding constitutional rights.

Cooperative Law

Integral advice in the constitutions of cooperatives, functioning and prevention against eventual audits, actions related with the intervention of audits, petitions for reconsideration and those related to the challenge of the Assemblies.

Corporate Law

Comprehensive services to companies in all aspects of the formation and development of your business activities..

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Advising on the establishment and organization of the most appropriate legal structure for the protection of the corporation with regard to all the legal aspects, accounting and financial influence in society, experience in mergers, absorption, acquisitions, asset-stripping, technical assistance contracts and technology transference, franchising, foreign investments, planning for the disposition of assets, shares and goodwill.

Advice on recruitment, especially, analysis and claims-filing of contractors and consultants, in the oil industry.


Children and Adolescents Rights

Counseling and legal proceedings regarding the claim for child support obligations. Visiting arrangements, guardianship and other related aspects.

Labour Law

Advice on cases related to workers, either about pay issues stability, permits, working hours, work accidents and occupational diseases, benefits, fines, etc. 

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INPSASEL registrations, Committee on Occupational Safety and Health, own service or joint occupational health and safety in the workplace, INPSASEL notifications of accidents and occupational diseases in the established times, counseling for the programs of Occupational Safety and Health with the approval of the workers and the committee’s participation. Notification of occupational hazards when a worker is joining the company or changing workplace.

Maritime Law

Legal advice related to Shipping, Lease and Charter Agreement, Boarding / Collisions, Loss and Damage of Goods, Death and Personal Injury, General Average, Transportation Contracts, Salvage and Towing, Terminal Damage, Ship Registration, Naval Mortgages and Off-Shore.

Medical Law

Medical professional liability Civil and criminal, medical act, structure in the formation of clinics.

Trade Law

Trade contracts, insurance advice, securities and other negotiable instruments. Company Law, procedures for irregularities in the administration and similar. Ample advice legal advice in the banking aspect and financials operations, experience in restructuration processes of liabilities and state intervention. Our portfolio of regular customers, includes, among others, universal banks, investment banks, commercial banks, mortgage banks, leasing companies and insurance companies.

Civil Litigation

Experience in banking litigation, both mortgage, lien loans as unsecured or without warranty, via executive and payment procedures. Execution of chattel mortgage and pledge without displacement of ownership, damage trials, as well as the following of insolvency proceedings, bankruptcies or arrears, and processing of precautionary nominate and innominate measures. Nullity actions, paulianas, simulations and corporate veil, as well as resolutions trials or forced fulfilment of contracts. Resources such as appeal, invalidation, and the specific extraordinary recourse of amparo against court decisions. Arbitration procedures.


Writing of lease contracts, eviction proceedings, enforcement actions and resolution of locative contracts, regulation of tenancy fees, and other legal efforts to address tenanc.


Responsibility for the exercise of the medical act, payment in foreign currency of medical services.


We have external professional experts in the area of criminal litigation and assistance against the investigating bodies and Ministerio Público within the scope of computer crime, against property or relating to commercial matters.


Filing of material or moral claims arising from car accidents, legal representation to the client when it is involved in a car accident, either as perpetrator or victim and criminal defenses.


We have professionals in the area of tax planning, national and municipal tax, experience in litigation and proceedings in the taxation area, advice regarding the management of inheritance taxes, grants and other related areas.

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